1. 18:59 19th Mar 2012

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    I’m looking for a red with a gold shimmer (preferably subtle), does such thing exist?

    Edit: Preferably a true red (not pinkish based) and warmed toned. Or even without the gold shimmer. I just need a good red that will look nice on me (I have fair skin with warm undertones)

    1. catgangster answered: I’ve a Revlon called “Get Reddy” that looks just like that. I swear I have another, too, but I’d have to look!
    2. justlivingnails answered: Try Zoya Salma, I bought it when they were doing their promotion and it has a nice gold shimmer to it!
    3. offwgktaaaa answered: Maybe try forever 21
    4. lostinyoursilence answered: polishaddict.com/wp-cont… - Essie, Love Beverly Hills. It’s gorgeous!
    5. fuckyeahnastassia answered: Kleancolor - Red Sparkle & Orly - Rock-It! (unless my eyes are deceiving me)
    6. abby106 answered: the hunger games polish but thats gold with like red glitter…?
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